October 16, 2023

A Fresh Look at 2024 Wedding and Event Trends

As 2024 unfolds, the landscape of wedding and event planning is adapting, emphasizing sustainability and intimacy. If you’re gearing up for a 2024 wedding or simply wanting a fresh look at 2024 event trends, here are the top five themes dominating the industry:

The Green Movement in Wedding Planning

Eco-friendly weddings are no longer just a niche; they’ve become a cornerstone of 2024’s event trends. Couples are prioritizing sustainable choices, from biodegradable décor and paperless invitations to organic, locally-sourced menus. Vendors are also stepping up, offering greener options that cater to the modern, eco-conscious couple.

Intimate Gatherings: The New Norm for Celebrations

The trend of hosting smaller, more intimate weddings continues to grow in 2024. Couples are opting for meaningful ceremonies with carefully curated guest lists, emphasizing genuine connections. This trend not only ensures a personal touch but also allows for a more luxurious experience for each attendee.

An intimate wedding reception in Sonoma County, California. Photos by Wayne and Angela Photography.
2024’s Bold Wedding Color Palettes and Vibrant Tones

Moving away from the traditional pastels, this year’s weddings are adorned with dynamic and bold colors. Radiant yellows, deep purples, and electric blues are taking over, reflecting a renewed optimism and zest for life in post-pandemic times.

These vibrant colors are perfect for any season, and they photograph beautifully! Photos by Ashley Maxwell Photography, Flowers by Bloomsters.
The Savvy Couple’s Choice

Weddings during the week are a top trend for 2024, offering couples both affordability and flexibility. With competitive pricing from venues and more availability from top-tier suppliers, saying “I do” from Monday to Friday is becoming increasingly popular. San Francisco has a gorgeous City Hall where couples sometimes go to get married during the week.

The Rise of Outdoor Wedding Venues and Nature’s Charm

Outdoor wedding venues, be it countryside retreats, serene lakesides, private estates or beachfront paradises, remain a top pick for 2024 nuptials. These naturally beautiful locales provide unmatched backdrops, spacious settings, and a touch of whimsy to wedding photography. For more outdoor wedding or event venue options in the Bay Area, visit our blog post here.

Intimate, outdoor wedding in Los Gatos, California. Photos by Amanda Wei Photography

In essence, the 2024 wedding and event planning landscape prioritizes mindfulness, vibrancy, and genuine connections. As you navigate the wedding trends of 2024, remember to tailor them to your unique love story for a truly unforgettable celebration.

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