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April 15, 2023

Two romantic ceremonies for one couple at a villa in California

It was a warm day in August when the couple began getting ready for the day. We had been in preparation for months, and it had all lead up to this. It would be a day to honor tradition and celebrate authentic love, complete with a dinner reception, cocktails, and dancing. It came together magically. This blog takes you on a visual journey through...READ MORE

March 28, 2023

How to elevate an event at a winery

Hosting an event at a winery is a lovely choice whether planning a wedding, company function, or a special celebration in general. The backdrop is stunning and there are often many unique elements that lend to an extraordinary experience. However, it can be difficult to make the experience unique. With that in mind, we’ve written this blog post...READ MORE

February 15, 2023

Bridal Party Attire Inspiration

There’s always that ongoing joke about bridesmaids dresses, you know the one — “it’s great because you can actually wear it again!” I personally can count how many times I have actually reworn a bridesmaids dress. How about you? Let’s break this stigma together, one wedding at a time. To help, we’ve put together a collection of...READ MORE

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