March 28, 2023

How to elevate an event at a winery

Hosting an event at a winery is a lovely choice whether planning a wedding, company function, or a special celebration in general. The backdrop is stunning and there are often many unique elements that lend to an extraordinary experience. However, it can be difficult to make the experience unique. With that in mind, we’ve written this blog post to inspire you and share our best advice of how to elevate an event at a winery.

The invitations set the tone

The invitations are the introduction to any event. To elevate the experience, you want to start here making a strong and lasting impression. It’s important to have all necessary information presented in a way to create hype while reflecting the overall theme of the event. We suggest writing the date out completely for an additional element of class.

  1. Let the event evolve as it unfolds

  1. When planning, consider the guest experience from arrival to departure. How will they be greeted? Will there be food served? Are there any activities or ceremonies that need to be included in the timeline? By creating several different experiences or elements throughout the event space as well as the time passes you will offer guests different opportunities to engage.
  3. Serve a unique variety of wines

  1. This may be obvious, but when hosting at a winery, the wine is a key part of the experience. We recommend offering one or two classics, one or two that the winery is best known for, and two to three more unique varieties. This will allow guests to experiment and taste a range of flavors.
  3. Florals compliment the surrounding beauty

  1. Often events at wineries are set in beautiful locations with picturesque backdrops. Adding florals to the event decor can take the scenery to the next level. There are many florists who are excellent at working within a theme and budget to create dramatic pieces that add drastically to the surrounding beauty.
  3. Wine barrels as a statement rather than a centerpiece 

  1. We know it can be tempting to use the wine barrels as the cocktail tables, guest book table, or other functional item. However, a much more elevated use of them is to allow them act as a statement on their own. Center your cocktail hour, dance floor, or photo booth in front of the wine barrels to create a memorable moment indoors and make use of the entire property.

Have a meal amongst the vines

One of the best ways to add wow factor to your event at a winery is to bring guests out into the vineyards to dine amongst the vines, alfresco. This creates an unforgettable element. With the vines surrounding, and the wine flowing this experience adds an extra special touch. The vines look different through the year and should be taken into consideration.

  1. Gift bottles of wine as favors

  1. To let the event live on beyond the last drop, opt for bottles of wine as favors. This is a gracious way to show your appreciation for those attending as well as honor the winery where the event took place. Additionally, it may go without saying, but a bottle of wine is a pretty lovely favor in our opinion.

Wineries are wonderful places for events for many reasons. The surroundings are beautiful and there are often many ways to make the event an experience. However, there are things you can do to elevate the experience. Looking for more beyond our best advice how to elevate an event at a winery? We are here to help!

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