June 3, 2019

Industry Insights: Run the Show (with a Run of Show)

Have you ever been to a wedding or large production event that was executed so smoothly, you felt entertained throughout the night with a steady flow of amusement as well as appropriate downtime? Alternatively, have you attended an event that seemed disorganized, rushed, or behind schedule? The flow of an event, or lack thereof, often has to do with the coordinating beforehand, including the run of show.

While we at Amazáe do this as a foundation to all events, we thought we’d give you a peek behind the scenes to see how the magic happens!

Whether you are planning an exposition, live performance, presentation, holiday party, or wedding, a run of show is essential to ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible. The run of show is a document outlining the timeline of an event, sequencing details from set up all the way through to teardown, ensuring nothing is overlooked and appears seamless to those in attendance.

Here are several key things you should keep in mind when creating your run of show.
– Include all important contacts for the event including vendors and venue staff
– Chronologically list all event activities
– Highlight the time when each activity should take place
– List the location where each item will occur
– Assign a contact to each item
– Incorporate a notes section to ensure no details are overlooked
– Share the document with all vendors and anyone involved in the planning or production of the event days prior to the event taking place
– Be open to any feedback you may receive and adjustments that may need to be made

Once you have the document established, it is wise to assign one person to manage the run of show day of, to keep all the moving parts on schedule. This allows each vendor to focus on executing their piece without having to constantly check in with the timeline and clock. The manager can simply send out notifications on timing, check in with individuals as needed, and serve as the primary point of contact, freeing up everyone else’s time to do what they’ve been hired to do.

The run of show serves as an outline to keep things running smoothly, and that includes being able to adjust to inevitable unforeseen incidents of the production as they arise. We must always be flexible in events to allow for the best possible outcome.

And if after reading this list, you’d rather just enjoy your own event and not worry about everything, that’s why we’re here. Just reach out to us at Amazáe and we’ll manage every single element of your important event.

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