May 1, 2019

Mother’s Day Moments with Amazáe Events

From kissing your wounds and cutting the crust off your sandwiches, to cooking your favorite comfort meals and yelling the loudest at graduation there’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. That’s why this year we are celebrating Mother’s Day with a very special tribute to all the moms of the Amazáe team.

Here’s what the team had to say about motherhood.


What do I love about being a mom? Or my mom? Wow that is a very loaded question. Probably waking up every day knowing I have two people/girls in my life that no matter what I do, whatever mistake I make, decision I should have made, that they love me unconditionally. What I love about my mom, no matter how much crazy she gives me (and believe me she gives me a lot of it), she gives me that and then some in nurture and love.


I have always known I have had one incredible mom but recently our family really went through some tough times and she proved more than ever that to be true! She is is welcoming, caring, strong, loving, giving and one fierce mama bear who will go to any length to protect her kids. I am so lucky to have been blessed with her as a mother, role model and friend. Cheers to you Mom and Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our family. Love you!


My mom didn’t have the easiest childhood. She lost her mom at a young age and life was not easy for her after that. She’s worked hard to earn everything that she has and yet she is a very selfless and giving person. I know that I can be such a headache and our relationship has been rocky at times, but her love is so unconditional. She is an inspiration and I admire her so much. I’m so thankful for the young lady that she has raised me to be. Without her, I wouldn’t have the work ethic, passion or perseverance that I have today. Thank you, Mommy. Love you and Happy Mother’s Day!


My top 5 things about being a Mom:

1. Watching my kids learn. Watching them from when they are born and adjusting to their surroundings, to recognizing family members, walking, talking and learning their own sassy personalities. Seeing their mind work when they discover new things is amazing.

2. Hearing their laughter coming from their dad tickling them or playing hide and go seek or just being silly! Nothing beats a child’s laugh.

3. The first time your child says “I Love You!”. Melts your heart faster than chocolate in 100 degree weather!

4. Knowing I am the most important person in my children’s view is unwavering.

5. The unconditional love you share with your child is second to none. I can’t imagine my life without my babies and I cherish each moment spent with them. I am blessed beyond words!


Most people cringe when they hear the saying “we all turn into our parents one day”, but I feel the opposite. My mom is one of the funniest, bravest, most caring individuals I’ve ever met. Her dedication to taking care of anyone whether its her family, a friend or one of the kids at her school, she’s always there. My mom always puts 100% into everything she does & never asks for much in return. She always answers whenever I have a crazy question & somehow, doesn’t judge. My mom deserves the world & if I’m half the woman she is by the time I’m her age, I’ll be the luckiest person ever. Happy Mothers Day Debbie, you’re the bomb.


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom who has taught me to be strong, stand up for what I believe in and above all else, love me unconditionally. Thank you for all you do for me and have an amazing day!


I get to celebrate another “holiday” because of my little one! Being a mother has taught me courage, flexibility, patience and love with out limits. One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my child’s excitement for the simple things in life – eating ice cream or swinging really high on the swings. Thank you Ella for allowing me to be your mommy! You teach me something new each day. 


My mom is the epitome of compassion. The image of integrity. The embodiment of strength. Without spoiling myself and my sisters my mom has given us all the tools to be happy, successful, and most of all aware of our mark on the earth and those around us. Through love she is constantly making people feel important, loved, and happy. I would not be the person I am today without the guidance, support, and endless love of my mom.


In my family, I am surrounded by mothers: my two older sisters and of course, my own mother. It hasn’t been until recently that I began to truly appreciate the amount of work and patience my mother had for the three of us. I, more than ever now, view my mother as a superhero; the fact that she was able to juggle working full-time, raise three kids, have dinner on the table by the time my dad came home, and have the house always be clean is astonishing to me. It is from her strong work ethic and perseverance that I have learned hard work and pushing forward every day will be rewarded. The struggles of being a mother is never truly appreciated util one becomes a mother themselves, or is able to witness first-hand the amount of pain, sacrifice, and patience a woman must endure to not only bring life into this world, but to raise one to adulthood. It is for this reason that I wish ALL mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day, because you are never appreciated as much as you should be, but that is what makes a Mother, understated yet amazing. I only hope that I become an inspiration to my future children like my mother was to me. I love you Mom very much and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


Having recently become a mom for the first time, I find myself forever grateful for my own mom. I’m constantly in awe of how nurturing, patient, and selfless she is – and she manages to keep it together no matter what life has thrown her way. Whether it’s giving me advice for life, work, and now, motherhood, she really does have all the answers! Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the amazing moms that are rocking it every day!


I love my mom for always reminding me that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. Her life’s motto is “enjoy the day” which so beautifully captures her infectious positivity and warm heart. Life can be crazy but we all need to find something each day to appreciate.


“For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.”

Being a Mother is a job like no other. I’m a Mother of one and for 10 years it was my one and only job. From birth to age ten I was a stay at home Mom (I took a part time job when my daughter entered the 5th grade). Those first 10 years were the BEST ten years of my life. The most fulfilling. Most challenging. Most exhausting. Most everything. So many emotions, so many trials and tribulations. SO. MUCH. LOVE. When I think of my daughter, my heart swells and it overflows with the deepest kind of love. My eyes fill with tears. I can’t explain why, other than I know it’s not from sadness. It’s the complete opposite. I think it’s because there just isn’t enough room in my body to contain the love. The tears are an overflow. It’s raw, unfiltered, sincere and truly a love only a Mother can feel. My mother (and Father) were killed by a drunk driver. A senseless act. If you think being a Mother and raising a child is tough, try doing it without a Mother to guide you on your journey. I mention this only to emphasis the importance of the Mother role. I’m not the perfect parent. Just ask my daughter. But, what I know I am is the Mother my Mother was… selfless, caring, loving, tough, and imperfect. I am this because that is what MY Mother was to me. There is a song that has a simple but powerful verse. I think it sums up what I believe epitomizes the meaning of “Mother”. And I offer it to you…. What if all creation sang this song to you? Could your heart become the home to place this love into? Then this simple song travels on everywhere you go, It becomes your beating heart and the rhythm of your soul… May you be well, may you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be loved.


For Mother’s Day, I’d like to make a special acknowledgment to my mother. She is quite possibly the kindest, most selfless person I know, never hesitating to do everything that she can if it is within her power. I grew up poor with three other siblings, but we didn’t know it until we were much older because my mom made sure that weren’t lacking in anything that would make us feel different from the other kids. And though both my parents worked hard, I can without a doubt say that my mother sacrificed more than my father, taking on the traditional role of wife, mother, student, and worker.  I don’t even know how she found the time to do everything. Once, when I was a teenager, I came downstairs before school to find my mom asleep at the kitchen table. She had fallen asleep doing her homework, exhausted from going to school and working two jobs, then coming home to care for the family. And it was in that moment that I was finally aware of  how much my mom had sacrificed for us, never once complaining, and I felt such tremendous respect for her from then on.  I don’t know if it’s because my mom was orphaned at a very young age that she feels the need to give and give and give, as if she can save the world through her love alone. Sometimes I get annoyed at how nurturing she is, thinking that I’m wise and grown and capable of handling everything by myself. Sometimes I get irritated, wishing that she’d spend more time on herself than on others. But then I stop to reflect about my childhood and everything that I experienced and know about my mom, and I realize that I wouldn’t change a single thing about her. She is perfect as she is.

And with that, we’d like to wish one final, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all the mom’s out there, from the entire Amazáe Events team. Each and every one of you deserves to be celebrated!

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