March 15, 2017

Summer Wedding Advice: Keep Guests Cool & Comfortable!

There’s nothing we love more than a great summer wedding, but while you’re busy working through all the wonderful details, don’t forget the importance of keeping your guests in their happy place!

Here’s Crystal’s quick tips to ensure your guests are refreshed and relaxed during your dream summer wedding day:

1. Drinks upon arrival (at least water, lemonade, aqua fresca, infused waters, etc.)

2. Outdoor ceremony…try to make sure there is some type of shade from trees, umbrellas etc. Custom draping can be incorporated into the design so you can have a beautiful element that provides shade for your guests seating.

3. Use of space and times of day – sometimes what is always done is not necessarily what has to be done or what makes the most sense.  With spaces that sell an indoor space for dining/dancing and outdoor for the ceremony… sometimes beauty can be in the opposite.  When it is hottest time of day (the ceremony) change that to the indoor venue and make it look amazing, then go outside to dine and dance in the vineyards and under the cool stars.

4. Enough bars per head count – trust the event and catering team for what is needed.  If anything have a an open non alcoholic self serve drink station available and replenished throughout.

5. Instead of white on white (which is BARELY ever what we believe on doing)… pops of color everywhere done strategically and with a cohesive palette. Example: if you are using raspberry pink…either use various shades/tones of that or only that color in that space, and another color strictly in another space.

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