February 12, 2017

Sweet Dessert Ideas

We’re all about creative ways to sweeten up each event, and we asked Emily from our team to round up a few fun ideas from around the internet to inspire you to mix up your dessert options!

We especially love these ideas because they allow you to add another layer of flair and personalization to your guest’s experience!

Cookies & Milk

There’s nothing like a warm, fresh baked cookie paired with a splash of cold milk.

Individual servings tray passed or displayed at your celebration is the perfect update to a classic dessert!

You can keep it traditional with a nice chocolate chip cookie, or get creative and mix it up by including a bite of a rich brownie, sugary snickerdoodles, or whatever your favorite flavor might be!


Sweet, unique and totally fun, churros are the perfect portable combination of warm + sugary.

We’re loving this great treat that can be passed, served at food stations or if you want to get really creative you can even make them a focal point of your party and incorporate an entire churro bar!

Photo: Julie Harmsen via Coco+Kelly

Photo: Kristen for Kojo Designs

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