April 15, 2023

Two romantic ceremonies for one couple at a villa in California

It was a warm day in August when the couple began getting ready for the day. We had been in preparation for months, and it had all lead up to this. It would be a day to honor tradition and celebrate authentic love, complete with a dinner reception, cocktails, and dancing. It came together magically. This blog takes you on a visual journey through the two romantic ceremonies for one couple at a villa in California.

The couple got ready for the first of two ceremonies. Both took place at Villa Montalvo.

As mentioned in our previous post, dramatic ceilings are a continued trend. Adding fabric to an outdoor setting offers shade and provides contrast creating an elevated look.

From the very beginning on the event, the love surrounding was obvious.

After beginning with a ceremony to honor their heritage and tradition, the day took a more modern direction.

The second ceremony was to take place steps away, which means we had to be ready to wow guests once more.

The backdrops is stunning in itself, which allows us to focus on bringing the event to life.

Once we celebrated the couple’s love with two separate ceremonies, it was time to continue with a proper reception.

The bar design was minimalistic, yet playful, reflecting the couple’s unique taste. This was showcased throughout different elements of the event. For instance, the seating chart and napkins both offered a touch of playfulness.

The seating and backdrop continued to impress as the couple’s love developed throughout the evening. We love working with Villa Montalvo because the venue provides a wide range of settings that are all elegant.

We always adore bringing custom events to life for our clients.

As the evening progressed, so did the love, fun, and celebration.

Although the event went by in a romantic blur, we will always remember the celebration of Nika and Anotonio. It was so meaningful to be at Villa Montalvo that beautiful August day.

We’d like to thank Karinas Santos for the photos of this event. View the entire album on our PartySlate profile.

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