June 15, 2023

Unique ways to showcase your brand at a corporate event

Corporate events can have the negative connotation that suggests they may be stiff, boring, or stale. People often think of hotel ballrooms with brown bag meals and a underwhelming displays when they think of events in the corporate space. We are here to prove all of these concepts outdated. Keep reading to discover the unique ways to showcase your brand at a corporate event that is sure to delight, inspire, and engage all in attendance.

Let’s take a look at a corporate event hosted at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay to further explain.

Create a vision and goal for the event

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Before anything else, it’s critical to think of the goals of the event. Are there any protocols to consider? How do you want guests to feel throughout the event? What do you want attendees to take away? In addition to answering these questions, take the time to consider any specific needs such as audio/visual, number of attendees, time of year, and all other crucial details. Once a clear vision is created, then it’s time to select a venue.

Pick a venue with multiple spaces for use

Selecting a venue is the next step to bringing the event to life. It’s important to consider all the details you outlined in the initial planning stage. It’s also imperative to consider your brand values and persona when deciding on the space. With so many venues available, consider which will best reflect and/or compliment the brand in a distinct way.

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The reason we recommend selecting a venue that has multiple spaces for use is to add dimension the event. This allows the event to evolve naturally as guests move through the space. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to surprise and delight those in attendance. Creating dynamic events, such as using multiple spaces within the same venue, keeps attendees engaged.

Considering using multiple venues and hosting events offsite

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Another option when expanding the space for hosting a corporate event includes offsite activities. This allows you to create an even more dynamic and engaging event for all in attendance. Consider how you can further demonstrate your brand values through the projects available. Creating something unique, supporting a local business, trying foods, and volunteering with others are a few unique ways to further integrate branding in the corporate event space.

Use lighting to transform the space

As outlined in our previous blog post, lighting has the ability to completely transform an event space. This is an effective way to add your own colors, logo, and design to the venue. We love using lighting to enhance the branding throughout an event because it is efficient, effective, and limits the need for additional decor depending on the venue and overall goals of the event.

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Provide takeaways that reflect the branding

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Whether it’s the materials from the event, or a gift for attending, branding should be reflected throughout. If gifts are suited for the event, try offering something in a variety brand colors. Adding the logo to items is another option to further showcase the brand.

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Work with high quality caterers

Catering is an extremely effective way to elevate an event and create dimension as well. When you work with high quality caterers, you often have the option to create a menu and variety of offerings. This presents an additional opportunity to showcase a brand as well as it’s values.

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You may also consider a signature cocktail as a fun way to delight guests, when appropriate.

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Provide entertainment and offer engaging activities

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Now it’s time consider how the brand will be reflected through the entertainment provided. Whether it’s curated music, a live band, a guest speaker, or something else we encourage you to put careful thought into this aspect of planning.

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Additional activities, whether onsite or off, allows the opportunity to further showcase branding as well as show appreciation for those in attendance. Are there any skills you’d like attendees to develop? Trying something new is a great way to allow guests to bond and broaden their horizons.

As you can see, there are so many ways to highlight branding when planning an event. We love to consider all aspects of the brand when planning the primary goals and objectives, to the additional activities, as well as catering.

Looking for more unique ways to showcase your brand at a corporate event? We are here to help!

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