May 1, 2019

Mother’s Day Moments with Amazáe Events

From kissing your wounds and cutting the crust off your sandwiches, to cooking your favorite comfort meals and yelling the loudest at graduation there’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. That’s why this year we are celebrating Mother’s Day with a very special tribute to all the moms of the Amazáe team. Here’s what the… Read more

Industry Insights: Work the Walkthrough

Photo:  Wedding Documentary When it comes to hosting events, the venue plays a significant role in the overall success of the event. From aesthetics, or lack thereof, to inclusions and customer service, things can go downhill quickly if the venue does not support your event needs. So how do you go about ensuring things will… Read more

April 2, 2019

April Showers Bring Tented Events

Rain in the forecast for the special day? Whether you are planning your dream wedding, or a picnic with your company’s employees, don’t let a a few raindrops ruin your perfect plans. Many joke that California doesn’t have four seasons, but if you’ve lived here the last few years, you know the chances of having… Read more