March 1, 2019

How To Throw an Inspiring Event

In today’s work force, company culture is a top priority to keep members of the staff happy and inspired while on the clock. Employees, particularly committed and hardworking millennials, need to be engaged in their work and acknowledged for their efforts, in addition to being compensated fairly. So, how does a company keep employees happy,… Read more

February 4, 2019

Bay Area Locations We’re In Love with for Valentine’s Day

It’s the season of love, and with that in mind, we’d like to share a list of locations in the area we adore. From romantic getaways in Monterey Bay, to specialty dinners in the Santa Cruz mountains, to a Michilen Star restaurant in Menlo Park, to spas and five-course meals across the Golden Gate Bridge,… Read more

January 4, 2019

2019 Trends: An Amazáe Forecast

Well, here we are. Almost week into 2019 and there is so much to look forward to this year; including new trends! Take a look at our predictions for the top wedding industry trends in this new year.