March 1, 2019

How To Throw an Inspiring Event

In today’s work force, company culture is a top priority to keep members of the staff happy and inspired while on the clock. Employees, particularly committed and hardworking millennials, need to be engaged in their work and acknowledged for their efforts, in addition to being compensated fairly. So, how does a company keep employees happy, inspired, and engaged while infusing company culture, acknowledging staff, and encouraging productivity? Well there are numerous ways, but bringing people together for an event is an awesome way to start.

But there’s a catch…the days of renting out a park, throwing up a bouncy house, hiring a few vendors and inviting employees and their families for a day of mediocre food in the hot sun are long over. Alternatively an elevated event catered specifically to your company and staff will have a lasting impact, yielding the results you desire: happy, inspired, and engaged team members. To be certain your upcoming company event is a hit, consider these six important steps to take it to the next level.

1. Find the ideal venue.
Take the team offsite to explore a new place together, but you don’t want to spend precious resources (time and money) to sit in a hotel conference room. Nothing wrong with hotel conference rooms, but they don’t inspire the extraordinary. Consider a space that represents your brand, but also gives staff a fresh view.
Hotel Valencia, Photo: Jennifer Skog

2. Skip fluorescent lighting.
You left the office, so let’s brighten up those faces…without the fluorescent lighting. Sunlight is great natural tonic, yet if you must be indoors, try using lighting to set the mood. Market lights, marquee letters, and strobe lights can be great ways to create an ambiance.

Photo: Scott Cambell Photo 

3. Get the food right.
Food brings people together, is worthy of entire instagram pages dedicated to it, and can single-handedly make or break an event. One of the trends we are seeing in events in 2019 revolves around food and making it an experience. While you do want to think outside of the box here and get creative, it is important to ensure there is a variety as well as gluten-free, vegan, and kosher options.

Photo: Russ Levi Photography

4. Add unique (on brand) touches.
Pay close attention to detail and look for opportunities to include your company logo or brand colors. You want this to be a break from the norm so why not display the company in a new and exciting way? If you are inside, consider using fresh flowers and live plants to bring the space to life.
5. Bring an experience to life.
When you go anywhere, from a family gathering at Grandma’s to strangers riding public transportation, you see people doing the exact same thing: holding their heads down staring at a screen. How do you break this cycle? Create an experience, get them involved, and make it #instagramable. Consider renting in a photo booth, hosting a silent disco, bringing in a live band, or creating your own activity to get staff involved.

6. Call in the experts.
We know you’re busy with you’re own full time, all encompassing job that does not typically include throwing parties and unique events. Luckily for you, ours does! Let the Amazáe team take over! From planning to execution, and not only will your next company event become more exciting, but most of all you will actually be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun yourself.

So, are you ready to start planning your next company event? Amazáe is here to help!