Whether current conditions have you postponing or changing your event to an intimate, virtual or hybrid event, we want you to know that we are here for you and committed to creating exceptional experiences. Regardless of a large or small guest count, each event and production deserves the same attention to detail, curated design elements and an unforgettable client and guest experience. With decades of experience, from weddings, anniversaries, elopments, milestone birthdays, exclusive seminars, corporate retreats, we can help make it a memorable and distinctive one for you and your attendees online or in person intimately.


Hosting an event with a smaller guest count or split guests online and in person (hybrid) allows you to celebrate on an intimate level with your special guests. It allows endless options for unique and exclusive venues as well the ability to use more of your budget on creating impeccable guest experiences with bespoke designs to choose from. We can also set up a live streaming of the event, so that your friends and family can attend virtually.


If you are looking to get started, or just need some additional information on our approach, connect with us today, and lets make your event successful, perfectly designed and thoughtfully, fully planned.