October 30, 2019

Amazáe Gives Thanks

It’s that time of year, and we cannot help but feel extra thankful for all the sweetest things in life.

You know, time with family, good health, access to medical care and fresh food, grandma’s homemade apple pie…the list goes on and on.

And our list, is pretty lengthy as well. We asked our team what they are thankful for this year, and we decided to share in this post.

Amy – “I am most thankful this year for Crystal and Amazáe for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a wedding/event producer. I am also thankful for having such a loving and supportive husband and family. I am most appreciative of all our clients whose events and weddings I have had the honor of being a part of.”


Neda – “As a new mom, I’m thankful for every little thing that I used to take for granted (free time, uninterrupted sleep, etc.), but am even more thankful to have the privilege of being my son’s mom. Being able to see the world through his eyes completely changed my perspective, making me even more grateful for my home, family, friends, health, job – the life that I’ve been lucky to have.”


Zainab – “Things that I am thankful for are:
The health of my family and friends
The opportunity to grow in my career
The unwavering support from my loved ones”


Lisa – “Here are a few things I am grateful for:
memories, a glass (or two) of wine with dinner, sunrise/sunsets at the beach, my sweet family of three, family that live in Charleston SC (who doesn’t love some southern charm and sweet tea?), my Italian coffee maker, a pound of nice dark roast coffee, triple points day at Nordys, my only child and the fact her heart is full of sweet kindness and her soul is grounded in love, my little brother, shooting stars, BOGO sales, the smell of fresh cut grass; which instantly takes me back to my wonderful childhood, the HERE and NOW, friends that remind me how lucky I am to know the true meaning of friendship, the opportunity to be creative, social media; let’s be real, we all appreciate a good INSTA post, the guy I get to call my husband because without him, many of these things would not be possible! I am so grateful for so much..but most of all, I am grateful for this thing called life!”



Christina – “I am extremely thankful for my husband.  This year has been extremely difficult for me both physically and mentally, but my husband has stood by me, becoming my pillar of strength and support.  I don’t think I would have gotten through the year without him.”


Nashley – “I’m thankful for my health; My family, friends and my team members.”


Caitlin – “I think it goes without saying that first and foremost I am grateful for my health (one year cancer free – what what!). I am thankful for my amazing family and their never ending love and support. That I have a job I love and a boss who inspires me and encourages me to be the best I can be. I am thankful for all the pretty fall leaves as the seasons change. For the best girl gang imaginable. The cutest nephews on the planet and all my friends’ kiddos who have become family too. I am thankful for champagne, Disneyland and Lake Tahoe in the summer. For a boyfriend who goes with me to 6am doctor’s appointments and makes me popcorn at midnight after a long day. I am thankful to work with the BEST team, with the BEST clients, in the BEST industry.”


Ellen – “I’m grateful for my home, health & the amazing people I’m surrounded by. ”


Stephanie  – “I am grateful for my friend’s and family’s encouragement. They are always my number one supporters in anything I do.”


Zaire – “This year I’m thankful for all of the new relationships I’ve gained, as well finally moving out and having my own place. I’m also super thankful for my kitty because she’s the cutest!”


Emily – “It sounds corny but I am honestly so grateful for Caitlin. It was incredible to watch her life take such a sudden turn and then to see the amount of fight, resilience, and composure she maintained. Caitlin’s cancer battle epitomized love and perseverance and I am lucky enough to know that such positive verbs and emotions can exist in such a magnitude of greatness. She isn’t a role model, but her and her story are an inspiration. <3 I am also thankful for my cats, obvi, but they can be jerks sometimes too, unlike Caitlin.”


Maribel – “Very thankful for my better half. When we’re in the thick of things planning multiple events, he graciously takes care of the home front with no questions asked.”


Crystal – “2019 has been full of so many unexpected adventures.  I’m most thankful for my
Most Amazing Husband
Precious daughters… and soon to be son
Loving Family
Supportive Friends
Top-Notch Team

And the daily blessings that remind me how beautiful life is.”


Leave us a comment below with what YOU are thankful for this year!