October 28, 2019

Industry Insight: Ashley Maxwell Photography Vendor Highlight

As you may have seen in our recent social media posts, and really all our social posts, that we are fortunate to work with the best of the best in the events industry.

An event is really only as great as the time and effort that goes into the planning and production, and vendors are a key part of the process.

Take photography for instance. Of course you want someone who is professional, and knows what they are doing, resulting in beautiful photos; but does that really matter if the individual is late and misses key moments? Or if they are dressed inappropriately and speak disrespectfully to other vendors or guests? What if the person you hired delivers beautiful photos but doesn’t let you actually enjoy the event because they are so caught up in building their portfolio?

Trust us when we say there is so much more to vendors than the product or service they deliver.

This is why we are taking the time to highlight one of our dearest freind-ors we love to work with this month for our Industry Insight. Without further a-due, let us introduce Ashley Maxwell Photography.

This Nor-Cal based photographer is not only incredibly talented, but she is professional, and so dedicated to her craft and clients. Raised by a photographer herself, Ashley is also a working mother of three, which inspires and speaks to us on a personal level. We’ve had the pleasure to work with her on many occasions over the last several years and each time seems more fun and successful than the last.

If you take the time to read the thoughtfully written bio on the about page of her website, you will understand she is a true #MomentJunkie. What does that mean? If you are not familiar with Instagram hashtags, a moment junkie is someone who lives for all those sweet, precious moments of life that forever seem fleeting; even the seemingly ordinary ones. She captures so much raw beauty in her photos and the emotion that comes through is simply breathtaking.

Here are a few examples of her work to give you a little more insight to what she delivers.

Bride and groom sitting in vineyards Bride and father Just married!Bride and flower girlsbride and flower girlsBride and groom

Want more? Check out her website, and keep an eye out for our Amazáe Events team holiday cards this year – this lady worked some serious magic behind the lens, as usual!