September 3, 2019

Events That Give Back

While you’ve been busy settling back into the school year, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Before we know it, we will be sipping cider, wrapping gifts, and celebrating the most wonderful time of year.

But this year, we challenge you to make it about more than throwing a superb soirée.

(Although, that is pretty important as well.)

The holiday season is a great time to express gratitude for the blessings we’ve received, and it’s also the perfect time to give to those less fortunate. So why not take the opportunity to host an event that will show guests a good time, while also offering them an opportunity to serve?

Here are a few ideas as to how you can turn your event into a chance to support the charity of your choice.

1. Provide a way for people to support a cause financially. Yes, you could always ask for donations in the traditional sense, or you could take the chance to provide donation opportunities throughout the event. To increase efforts, consider hosting a silent auction with all proceeds going back to the chosen cause. If you decide to host a silent auction, create partnerships with like-minded companies to provide products and services as the items to auction off.
Note: Remember to provide a way for guests to donate electronically.

2. Use your event as an opportunity to collect goods for a specific cause. There are many organizations that gather canned goods or children’s toys around the holidays, and your event can be a great way to make a large impact on a chosen effort. Simply asks guests to bring an item to donate upon entry.

3. Host an activity-based event to give back. There are many organizations that assist in these efforts, but you could also host a creative event to give back on your own. Pick an activity, such as hand sewing blankets or packing meals, to provide guests an opportunity to get their hands on an important cause.

4. Organize a tournament of sorts to donate proceeds generated. Whether it is a one day golf tournament, or a season long fantasy league, charging participants and donating the proceeds can be extremely successful. Not only are you generating funds for a cause, but you are also offering contributors an enjoyable time in return.

5. Host a gala to give contributors an elegant evening to remember. Not only do ticket sales generate funds, but you could have opportunities within the event to give back. Additionally, they are a wonderful chance to further educate guests on the cause.

Well, are you inspired to host your own event to give back? If you are looking for a little more guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Amazáe Events team.