September 27, 2019

Industry Insight: Wedding Photo Checklist

As event professionals, we know how hectic things can seem the day of an event. There’s so many moving pieces and different people to coordinate with to ensure things unfold smoothly, and according to plan.

A wedding is certainly no different.

In fact, the added emotions and excitement of the day can often lead to even more stress. And while you may not remember the perfect glaze on the chicken or the unique seating chart you had installed, you will continue to look at your photos for years to come.

married couple at Carmel valley ranchPhoto: Joshua Grant Rose Photography

So how do you ensure this aspect of your special day goes wonderfully? One way is to create a checklist to make sure nothing is missed; and just incase you don’t have the time, we’ve created one for you.

– Invitations
– Venue
– Decor details
– Florals
– Bridal accessories
– Getting ready + dressed
– Bride/Groom gift exchange
– Bride portraits
– Groom portraits
– Bride & Groom
– First look
– Bride + bride’s family (immediate)
– Groom + groom’s family (immediate)
– Bride + bridesmaids
– Groom + groomsmen
– Before the ceremony
– Down the isle
– Ceremony
– First Kiss
– Bride + groomsmen
– Groom + bridesmaids
– Entire bridal party
– Bride + Groom with flower girl/ring bearer
– Bride + Groom with officiant
– Bride + in-laws
– Groom + in-laws
– Bride & Groom with bride’s family (immediate)
– Bride & Groom with bride’s family (extended)
– Bride & Groom with groom’s family (immediate)
– Bride & Groom with bride’s family (extended)
– Grand entrance
– Toasts
– First Dance
– Cake cutting
– Party
– Final Exit

Some additional photos to consider…

Bridal portraits – consider getting completely ready and into the dress to take photos (together or on your own) before or after the ceremony. This allows you to take your time, travel to additional locations to shoot, and not worry about getting back to the party.

First look with Dad (or mom!) – a special moment for you and parent could be a less traditional first look. Imagine your dad’s face the first time he sees you in his gown; a photographer can capture that!

Photos with the oldest/youngest guests – did a new baby join the family recently or did your great grandma make the ceremony? Make sure you have a photo with them before the night is over.

Sunset – they call it magic hour for a reason, people!

Faux first look – into pranks? Why not lighten the mood of the day by having a groomsman dress up in a white gown to perform the first look.

Pet pics – hire someone, or designate a special guest, to handle your furry friends for the day to make sure they are around for a quick photo of the new family.

Get creative – do you have a favorite team you guys love? A movie or character you are both passionate about? Bring a jersey, ball, light sabers, or anything else that represents your relationship and what you enjoy together.

There are seemingly endless photos you could take the day of your wedding, and while they are an important part of the day, what we most want you to take away from this post is this:

Your wedding is about you and the love you share with your partner. It is about celebrating that love with those you hold nearest and dearest to your hearts and that should remain the focus. Not worrying about what photos you still need to take.

So print out this list, or take a screen shot, and share it with your photographer ahead of time. This ensures everyone will be on the same page about expectations, and you can enjoy your time the day of while following simple instructions to get those epic photos you’ll revisit for years to come.

Still not confident the day will go off without a hitch? Don’t you worry – Amazáe is here to help!

invitation details bride and groom petting goats at Carmel Valley Ranch bride and groom party time

All photos by Joshua Grant Rose.