October 7, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Host an Event at Foley Sonoma

Foley Sonoma is a stunning winery tucked away in the Mayacamas Moutntains in the Alexander Valley. Eighty miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, this stunning property is a destination in itself. From the surrounding countryside to the exceptional wines, there are so many reasons to host an event at Foley Sonoma.

1. The vineyards are the perfect backdrop to entertain guests.

The vineyards onsite are truly stunning anytime of day. The landscape looks just as beautiful whether you are hosting a midday tasting or preparing for your first dance as the sun sets to the west. There is no bad lighting when it comes to Foley Sonoma.

2. The wine selection is phenomenal.

In addition to providing ample beauty, the vineyards produce between four and six thousand cases annually. Whether guests prefer Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, or Zinfandel, they produce them all onsite; as well as several other varietals and blends. This also provides a unique element to the theme for an event.

3. Award winning building onsite.

Step inside for more amazing surroundings. The building at Foley Sonoma has won the Architectural Design Award for Northern California by AIA. Views of the surrounding Alexander Valley and vineyards, continue to offer feelings of peace and serenity.

4. Stunning trees add to the picturesque scenery.

Surrounding mountains and vineyards take your breath away and equally impressive are the grand trees. Providing the property with shade on a hot day is only one benefit. Additionally, they add a dynamic element to photos, and remind guests of the unique California destination.

5. Memorable location and experience.

Foley Sonoma is a unique venue in a memorable location. Event hosting goes beyond the event itself, and this location will impress. Natural surroundings, award-winning architecture, and a wide varietal of wines intertwine beautifully to create this incredible destination.

To learn more about this incredible venue, as well as additional reasons to host an event at Foley Sonoma, visit their website; or let us know if you’d like Amazáe  Events to reach out on your behalf. We are always here for you, too.

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