February 3, 2020

Industry Insight: AVR Films Vendor Highlight

The digital world we live in has not only changed our daily lives, but it has also changed the way we plan for, produce, and remember major life events.

Hiring a professional videographer makes such a huge different in events. Whether you want to remember every little detail and subtle breeze from your wedding day, or you want to showcase perks to future employees and add to your company’s content library, videography is for you.

One videographer we love to work with in particular is David Ethridge of AVR Films.

Not only is David and his team talented and professional, but they are genuinely kind people making them such a pleasure to work with. We personally think their work speaks for itself…

AVR Films was established in 1986 and since then, founder David Ethridge has received 3 awards for his cinematic talents. They have been praised for their relaxed and low profile camera crew, their level of experience within the team as well as their extreme passion for their craft.

We have had the chance to work with AVR on many occasions and each time is better than the last. We are so grateful so talent like this in the event industry!

A note from the author: Not hiring a professional videographer is the number one regret I have from our wedding day, hands down. We have beautiful images, and I created my own video with clips from guests, but I can confidently say I dream of what our wedding video *could* have been regularly. I highly recommend considering budgeting for this.