February 27, 2020

Meet the Amazáe Events Team!

The last few weeks we’ve been sharing updates to our Instagram page to introduce you to our hardworking and talented team members.

In case you missed them, or just can’t get enough, we thought we’d share them here as well!

So without any further ado, here are the wonderful women of Amazáe Events (in alphabetical order):

Meet Amy!

Amy, event team memberThis talented woman graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. For several years, she worked in tax and general accounting, wealth management and finance, but none of these positions fulfilled her. It was Amy’s dream growing up to become a wedding & event coordinator, and after her own wedding, she decided to turn her dream into a reality. Amy’s background in finance has helped her to apply the same highly detail-oriented, organized and time-sensitive working style to her role as an Event Production Associate. Being a part of someone’s magical day is a privilege she does not take lightly and wants each client to walk away feeling taken care of, valued, and loved.

Next up is Caitlin!

Caitlin, event team member

Meet our trusted Account and Events Manager! Growing up in Willow Glen, steps away from the Amazàe Events studio, Caitlin’s love and passion for all things related to events was realized after having joined a sorority San Jose State University. Caitlin’s detail-oriented personality and keen eye for design makes her an essential part of the Amazàe Team. She works closely with all Amazáe Events clients and her exceptional client relations keep each step of the process fresh and fun while bringing your dream events to life. When she’s not sipping Champagne at a wine bar, you’ll find her hanging around with family, friends and her two nephews.

Meet Christina!

Christina, event team member

Having majored in the arts, Christina loves working for Amazae because she gets to help bring art to life. She shares that “From the people, the atmosphere, decorations, and sounds–all are woven together to create beautiful masterpieces that are meaningful to others. Being a part of that is a great feeling.” Christina’s hard work, attention to detail and client relations help make any event she is a part of a success! In her spare time, Christina enjoys browsing interior design sites, looking at art, playing the piano and singing.


You probably already know Crystal!

Crystal, company founder

Crystal Lequang is our fearless leader and the founder of Amazáe Events. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Crystal moved to California with her family to grow up in the Bay Area. She graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, which provided the foundation for her business acumen and management skills to found Amazàe Events in 2004. The company’s mission statement is rooted in her top priority; fulfilling clients’ wishes in the most enjoyable and exciting way possible. “Making clients smile because we’ve turned their vision into a reality is the best part of my job,” expresses Crystal. “I am thrilled when clients are elated about the event we created together.” When not acting as the founder and CEO of Amazáe, Crystal likes to dance, daydream about visiting every continent in the world; and hanging out with her son, two beautiful daughters, and husband.

Next, we have Ellen!

Ellen, event team member

Ellen was raised in Sacramento, CA and moved to San Jose to pursue a degree in hospitality management right out of highschool. She realized her passion for events through years of volunteering with various social groups alongside her family. Ellen has been a part of the events industry for 5+ years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon! From the earliest planning stage to seeing the look on a guests face when they first walk into an event, she loves every part of the process.

Say, “hello,” to Emily!

Emily, event team member

Our trusted event coordinator Emily is the ultimate team player onsite at events and has been lovingly been nicknamed the work horse of the team (you should see this girl’s physical strength and how much she can carry at once… and in heels most the time!). Emily’s dedication to our clients is apparent at every event she’s a part of and we are so lucky to have her a part of our Amazáe Events family. When she isn’t working on bringing event your dreams to life, she enjoys spending her free time working out and at the beach.

Meet Lisa!

Lisa, event team member

Lisa was first introduced to organizing events when she volunteered to be on the Auction Committee at her daughter’s elementary school. She was hooked at “Let’s do something unique and FUN!” And she hasn’t stopped being involved in events since. Her passion has grown from school auctions to executing social, wedding and corporate events. With 10+ years of event and catering experience, Lisa brings creativity, attention to detail, organizational skills and confidence in executing the perfect event for our Amazáe clients.

Here is Maribel!

Maribel, event team member

Maribel is a connector of people with a passion for fashion and organizational management. Prior to graduating with a degree in Business Management (Concentration in Finance), Maribel studied Fashion Design and Merchandising. Finding her way to the world of events, her creativity and ability to handle challenging situations gracefully, brought her together to strategize and organize people’s most memorable life celebrations. Not only is Maribel usually the best dressed in the room, but her smile is infectious and she is loved by everyone she interacts with. We are lucky to have Maribel in our Amazáe Events family!

Next up is Nashely!

Nashely, event team member

Our Event Production Manager Nashely is a long time event industry veteran and has been with the Amazáe Events family since 2006. She has a great understanding of putting together detailed information into beautiful, unforgettable and flawless events. Nashely says “the best part of my job is meeting people from all walks of life, learning their cultures and constantly developing new ideas. No two events are the same because of our truly unique and beautiful clients.” We are so grateful to have Nashely on our team to share her expertise and passion.

Now introducing, Neda!

Neda, event team member

Neda has been part of the Amazáe team since 2017 and we are so grateful to have her skills shared with us as an event coordinator. She has always enjoyed organizing events and adding special touches to make them unique and memorable, so being a member of the team has helped fulfill her passion for events. She finds it rewarding to see all of the details come to life, to help execute events without a hitch, and to be part of a client’s important day!

Here’s Stephanie!

Stephanie, event team memberStephanie was born and raised in San Jose and attended San Jose State University graduating with a Bachelor’s in public relations. She grew up watching the San Jose Sharks and her love for hockey helped her realize her passion for party and event planning when she became the Events Manager with the Sharks company. After many years in the industry, she has not lost her love of event planning. Her favorite part about working an event is seeing the end result of all the hard work coming together and watching clients and guests alike enjoy the experience. Being able to work with Amazae Events to be a part of someone’s special day is such a joy to witness.

Finally, meet Zainab!

Zainab is another one of our talented Event Production Managers. Zainab, or Z as everyone knows her, is the consummate planner. She discovered her love for events early on which led her to study in Hospitality at San Jose State University. Working in the industry for over 15 years she is always up for a challenge. Zainab is extremely organized and executes events flawlessly while making event planning stress-free and fun for her clients. When away from work, she enjoys sipping a glass of rosé with her friends, spending time with family and trips to Disneyland with her nephew.

We hope you know that no matter who you speak with, meet with, or who shows up onsite: you are in good hands with the Amazáe Events Team!