April 30, 2020

Industry Insight: How to Host a Virtual Party

In the age of present, we are learning many new ways to celebrate life as it continues on while we shelter in place.

We never thought we’d say, “we’ve gotten good at throwing virtual birthday parties,” but here we are.

It’s true! And you too, can continue to celebrate and throw parties while we each reside in our own homes. We’ve even broken the process down into a few simple steps.

Shall we get planning?

Step 1: Determine a guest list and pick a date

Confirm a time that works for the guest of honor as well as other important attendees across time zones. Set a date and specific time, considering a few minutes of cushion if this is a surprise event.

Step 2: Set up the virtual meeting 

There are many options when it comes to telecommunications, but we use Zoom here at Amazáe Events.

Step 3: Pick a theme and send the invites

Once you have the time and guest list finalized, determine a fun theme to unify all guests within their individual spaces. Send out an invite clearly outlining all important details including how to join, if there is a theme, and any additional expectations.

Step 4: Send gifts, decor, and/or favors prior to virtual event

Bring the event to life by having physical items delivered to the guest of honor and attendees prior to the event. This is another way to promote the event, remind guests, engage and unify all attendees.

Step 5: Set up your space and get ready

Decorate your space as if the guest of honor (or guests) were coming to join you in person. Set up snacks or drinks as you would, hang a banner, play some tunes, and definitely dress for the occasion!

Step 6: Enjoy

Now, all that’s left to do is to sit back, log in, and enjoy!

We know many of us would rather get together, hug our friends, and celebrate by clinking together our glasses, but until then, we can continue to party in style, even virtually.

Need help planning a virtual event for an important milestone? We are here to help!

Virtual Party Set Up