September 6, 2021

How micro events are making a big impact in the corporate space

As we continue to ensure safety in our industry, we wonder if you’ve considered hosting any micro events? Planned for up to 100 attendees, micro events are a wonderful way to connect delegates, inspire teams, and offer a much-needed break from virtual engagement. These smaller gatherings offer an unique appeal and add exclusivity to guests attending, among other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at how micro events are making a big impact in the corporate space.

Micro events may come in the form of meetings, training sessions, intimate dinners, or executive retreats. While they may not include as many names on the guest list, there are still many things to consider when planning a micro event.

While continuing to follow CDC guidelines, smaller events with a local focus can add value to participants while remaining courteous of the safety of all in attendance. Decreasing the number of participants does not mean decreasing the potential of the event.

Focusing on exclusivity brings appeal to micro events.

Have you ever considered making a purchase or commitment because the offer boasted exclusivity? This is due to the Scarcity Principle. This economic principle states that value is increased when there is low supply of an item in high demand. In other words, the more rare something is, the more valuable it becomes.

Creating an exclusive and/or opulent experience is absolutely doable, even if the event is not necessarily grand in size. By working with a smaller number of attendees, event producers are able to bring more to each individual experience.

When planning micro events, it is important to engage the curiosity of potential attendees by ensuring a unique and valuable experience.

Micro events encourage deeper connections.

When attending large conferences or online events, it can be challenging to make genuine connections. Smaller events often allow those in attendance to engage with other participants in a more intimate nature, harnessing deeper connections.

In addition to more 1:1 time at the event, it is also more manageable to maintain connections after. A great follow up strategy for an event is to create a Facebook group or Slack channel to continue the conversation.

Planning for a smaller group allows for a more personalized experience.

When planning gatherings of any size, it is important to consider the entire experience. Attending a large in person or virtual event can make it difficult to feel seen and heard. With careful planning, micro events are a great way to allow attendees to feel less like a guest and more like an important participant in what’s happening.

A great way to personalize an experience is to offer breakout sessions to focus on individuals’ talents and interests.

Micro events give you insight into a specific target audience.

While large events may equate to a large quantity of data, smaller events can offer quality insight that may have otherwise been missed. Being detailed with the data available allows for more beneficial follow up, improved learning, and insight into opportunities for growth.

Planning micro events can be enjoyable.

Whether you are putting together an intimate gathering for an elite few, or offering an networking event to an entire team that works remote, planning a micro event can be a delightful process.

Do you believe micro events are making a big impact? If you need some support, you can always trust the professionalism and experience of the Amazáe Events team when deciding how to best execute your next event. We are here for you!

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