January 23, 2024

Pantone Peach Perfection

As the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz has taken the wedding world by storm with its timeless and versatile appeal. Softly nestled between pink and orange, this warm hue effortlessly complements a variety of color schemes, adding a touch of romance and sophistication to any celebration. Today, we dive into four enchanting weddings where Peach Fuzz played a pivotal role, showcasing its adaptability and charm.


A Delicate Accent

At Rosewood Sandhill, nestled in the heart of nature, Peach Fuzz took center stage as a delicate accent color. In an outdoor tented wedding, the main palette featured shades of pink and white, with Peach Fuzz making a subtle appearance in the floral arrangements. This choice added a gentle warmth and softness to the surroundings, creating an effortless blend that perfectly captured the essence of romance.

Design by amazáe events, photos by Amanda Wei Photography, florals by Nicole Ha Floral Design


A Striking Contrast

In the picturesque Napa Valley, the wedding at Carneros Resort and Spa showcased Peach Fuzz as a striking contrast against deep blue linens. The color beautifully mingled with light blue, various hues of pink, and gold accents. The floral arrangements, featuring Peach Fuzz blooms, added a touch of softness to the overall ambiance, creating a scene of unparalleled elegance mixed with a touch of whimsical. Even the champagne, mirroring the peach fuzz color, brought cohesion to the deep yet playful palette.

Design by amazáe events, photos by Alison Yin Photography, florals by Nicole Ha Floral Design



Enhanced Fall Foliage

Accents of Peach Fuzz gracefully adorned the florals in a fall wedding set against the rolling vineyards of Carmel Valley Ranch. With burnt orange and reds dominating the palette, Peach Fuzz acted as a unifying element, softening the overall look and bringing harmony to the rich and warm autumn-inspired celebration.

Design by amazáe events, photos by Kindred Weddings, florals by Twigs Floral Design


A Burst of Vibrancy

In a ceremony amidst the enchanting Chenoweth Woods and a reception at Hyatt Regency Sonoma, Peach Fuzz played a subtle yet vital role in a vibrant and eclectic palette. Amidst bright purples, yellows, and pinks, Peach Fuzz in the florals acted as a unifying force, bringing together the diverse hues and tying the entire design into a cohesive masterpiece. With an added touch in the signature cocktails and floral vases, peach fuzz danced it’s way through this vibrant celebration.

Design by amazáe events, photos by Shivalry Photography, florals by Nicole Ha Design


Embracing the Versatility

Peach Fuzz, with its versatility and charm, can be incorporated into weddings in a myriad of ways whether that be florals, bridal attire, stationary, table settings and decor, as well as desserts and beverages. This color’s ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse color palettes makes it a standout choice for couples seeking a touch of refinement and romance on their special day. As we plan your weddings and events in 2024, you may consider incorporating this color into your vision, adding a soft glow to every moment and creating a celebration that is truly timeless and unforgettable.

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