December 10, 2021

Five reasons why you should hire a planner for an event at a private estate

Hosting at a private estate offers many benefits and has become increasingly popular as venues and counties have tightened down on large gatherings in recent years. Private estates offer flexibility, comfort, and wow factors that can drastically add to the overall wow factor of an event. However, there are many challenges that also come with including figuring out every single detail from electricity, to plumbing for guests and catering, and flow of the entire event. Hire a professional planner when hosting an event at a private estate to create a stunning production you can truly enjoy. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should hire a planner for an event at a private estate.

1. There will be an experienced professional to handle all the technical details

When planning any event, there are many factors to consider from planning to execution to post event clean up. There’s a guest list, invitations, entertainment, timeline, catering, and so much more that goes into making an event a pleasant experience. Often, when working at a venue, many of these details may be predetermined, or guided, by the vendors worked with and the overall history of a venue. When you are hosting at a private estate, there is the blessing and curse of having much more flexibility with all of these options. Coordinating a variety of vendors and getting them the information they need to make your event a success can become a full time job. By hiring a planner, you receive access to years of experience handling the ins and outs of a variety of events.

2. A planner will help you remain in budget when planning at a private estate

Coordinating the various vendors needed to elevate a private estate for an event is one part of the project. The second part is managing and maintaining the budget and finances of the event. A professional planner will keep your budget in mind and offer their expertise when it comes to making decisions on how funds should be spent. Additionally, they will be able to manage payment schedules and ensure vendors are paid out on time so they don’t cancel your contract before the event.

3. Event professionals are experts when it comes to creative use of space

Often private estates can be a bit predictable when it comes to flow of an event. Many people gravitate toward the backyard for a ceremony or the pool for cocktail hour. But why not consider something different? Bringing in a planner to provide a fresh look at the space can drastically improve the overall flow of an event. The beauty of hosting in a private estate is the pliability that comes with the territory. Event professionals can provide unparalleled insight into how to transform even the most straight forward spaces into something truly inspired.

4. Receive assistance identifying what is needed

Many private estates offer a wide range within to create a truly magical event. However, there is likely many things that are needed for the event to function properly and will certainly take it to the next level. Is there enough seating for guests? Will the catering team be able to utilize the kitchen without interrupting the event? How will guests remain entertained throughout the evening? Event planners can easily identify which areas of a space are lacking. By working with an event professional when hosting at a private estate, they will be able to offer their unique view and expertise to help bring your vision to life.

  • 5. The overall value add of understanding event hosting at a private estate

The most effective way to ensure a flawless and enjoyable event at a private estate is to hire a professional planner. They will provide guidance through the planning process so your budget is most effectively utilized. Planners can offer connections to vendors such as catering, florists, and DJs as well as inform you which have experience in private estate events. There’s also the added bonus to being able to actually enjoy the event because someone else is there to handle the flow and everything behind the scenes. Not to mention, someone to handle the aftermath of a wonderful time had by all. The added value of hiring a professional when it comes to hosting an event at a private estate is paramount.

If you’re currently planning an event at a private estate, or considering doing so in the near future, we’d love to hear from you. Amazáe Events has over 15 years of experience in event planning and we’ve helped our clients host stunning events at private estates across the nation. Your dream event is attainable, and we are here to help.

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