June 12, 2022

Justin & Joe’s celebration of love merges families and cultures in one elegant wedding

We absolutely love to bring our clients dreams to life with custom designs and unique experiences. Justin & Joe’s wedding ceremony and reception is a perfect example of this. This epic celebration of love merges families and cultures in one elegant wedding at Rosewood Sandhill.

Here’s an inside look at the special day.

The wedding was held at Rosewood Sandhill which provided all enough space for the various events, as well as accommodations for guests.

The couple got ready together before taking portraits with their beloved pets.

The celebration began with an intimate tea ceremony. It was a meaningful and beautiful moment for the couple. 

The wedding continued with a western ceremony featuring the exchanging of vows, rings, and a first kiss.

During the ceremony there was a string band to set the mood.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with a dinner reception that honored the merging of the couple as well as their individual cultures.

The entire day was beautifully captured by a live artist who painted scenes of the tea ceremony, exchanging of vows, and the dinner reception.

During dinner, the Lion Dancers performed entertaining the guests with a vibrant display of color and culture.

Later in the evening, Mexican culture was honored with a Mariachi performance. This was an excellent way to shift the mood and prepare guests for the rest of the evening.

The evening continued and the couple commemorated their love with friends, family, and a ball pit photo booth.

We are so grateful to have been part of such a special day. We absolutely love being able to bring custom events to life that perfectly represent the life and love a couple shares. It is clear to see from the photos that this celebration of love perfectly merges families and cultures in one elegant wedding.

All photos by Jordan Voth Photography.

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