June 19, 2020

Can Event Planners Work from Home?

To answer this question directly – yes, event planners can absolutely work from home, and we do! Although we’d much rather work with our favorite vendor partners at Santa Lucia Preserve for instance, due to COVID-19, we too have been working from home. When event planners are forced to work from home, the days are spent… Read more

June 11, 2020

Industry Insight: When We Resume Events…

When we resume events, there will be a “new way” of doing things. This does not mean we won’t eventually be back to full dance floors, or enclosed photo booths, or large scale events to celebrate life’s big moments. What it does mean, is we will continue to take the health and wellbeing of our… Read more

May 28, 2020

Dine In Bay Area

While we anxiously await the day we can once again cozy up in our favorite cafe corners, and day dream of sampling hors d’oeuvre at a luxurious event, we thought we’d share this list of iconic menus to order out eats (& drinks) in the meantime. Betty Zlatchin Offering a meal delivery service which resumes… Read more