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June 15, 2023

Unique ways to showcase your brand at a corporate event

Corporate events can have the negative connotation that suggests they may be stiff, boring, or stale. People often think of hotel ballrooms with brown bag meals and a underwhelming displays when they think of events in the corporate space. We are here to prove all of these concepts outdated. Keep reading to discover the unique ways to showcase...READ MORE

May 15, 2023

How lighting can transform an event

There are many elements that go into bringing an event to life. For instance, we work with a wide range of vendors to enhance the setting for an event. This often includes caterers, furniture rental services, floral designers, musicians, and audio/visual professionals as well. Lighting is an effective and efficient way to transform a space with...READ MORE

April 15, 2023

Two romantic ceremonies for one couple at a villa in California

It was a warm day in August when the couple began getting ready for the day. We had been in preparation for months, and it had all lead up to this. It would be a day to honor tradition and celebrate authentic love, complete with a dinner reception, cocktails, and dancing. It came together magically. This blog takes you on a visual journey through...READ MORE

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